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The X Factor




How far would you go to build that dream home, to pursue your passion, to scale new heights? How far would you go to chase your choices, to stay rooted to your principles? How extreme is 'extreme' to you? For us, at Saint-Gobain, extreme is about pushing boundaries, pushing the envelope and pushing ourselves farther to bring your preferred product one step closer to you. For us, extreme is about going the extra mile to better our own best so you can have access to products that are uncompromising on quality, technology and safety. For us, nothing exceeds like extreme, and which is why, Saint-Gobain Infinity brings you SGG XTREME, a glass with the highest and best-in-class Spectral Selectivity. Built with the most advanced triple silver layer technology, SGG XTREME ensures maximum daylight and clarity with supreme performance in heat reduction and thermal insulation, making it a glass ideal for wide-ranging applications.



Today, many buildings claim to be green but whether they have a superior Spectral Selectivity (an important barometer for green buildings), remains to be seen. Spectral Selectivity is defined as the ratio of Light Transmission to Solar Heat gain Coefficient; higher the selectivity, superior is the glazing performance. SGG XTREME is engineered exclusively for green buildings that need a seamless balance of natural lighting and solar control. It delivers a spectrally selective solar control performance of 2.15 or more and therefore contributes significantly to the green factor of the building. It not only conforms to the exacting norms of Green Building (LEED)/TERI GRIHA, but also surpasses the laid down standards.



SGG XTREME is well-suited for any type of building that has extensive glazing requirements. Whether it is buildings going in for a green rating or premier residential buildings, commercial buildings or large office spaces, it rises to the occasion. SGG XTREME can be used to enhance facades, windows, skylights and structural glazing. It is also suited for overhead glazing, where it meets the requirements of abundant daylight penetration providing exceptional Solar and Thermal Insulation.



SGG XTREME is available in neutral shades with a high degree of transparence.

The variants are:

  • Xtreme 70/33 II
  • Xtreme 60/28 II
  • Xtreme 50/22 II


Product Performance:

Glass Details Light Factors Energy Factors
Code Product Transmittance (%) Reflection(%) Solar Factor (SF/SHGC) Shading Co-efficient (SC) U-Value (W/sq.m K)
External Internal
6mm Coated Glass(Coating Face 2) - 12 mm Air Gap - 6mm clear Glass
70/33 ll Xtreme 69 11 13 0.33 0.38 1.5
60/28 ll Xtreme 60 14 17 0.28 0.32 1.5
50/22 ll Xtreme 47 16 18 0.21 0.25 1.5



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