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Why is Hygiene in Healing Spaces a clear necessity?



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A healing space is a go-to place not just for the promise of healing that it extends, but also for the factor of hygiene that is so inherent to it. So, let us learn what hygiene connotes in a hospital, and why it is clearly one of the most important factors in the recuperative process of a patient.   

What is Hygiene in a Hospital?

Hygiene is defined as the conditions or practices conducive to maintaining health and preventing diseases. Maintenance of hygiene and cleanliness of health facilities reduces the incidence of Hospital Acquired infections.  

Why is Hygiene important in a Hospital?

There are several reasons that necessitate a clean, well-maintained and hygienic environment in a hospital:

  • Unhygienic conditions propagate the growth of harmful micro-organisms. 
  • While the environment is not a direct source for the outbreak of infections, secondary transmission can occur by airborne contact or healthcare workers touching equipment and surfaces with contaminated hands. 
  • An unclean environment harbours potential pathogens.  

How can Healing Spaces be designed to provide enhanced Hygiene?

Growth and propagation of harmful micro-organisms should be arrested and one way of doing this can be by way of easy-to-clean surfaces. Saint-Gobain Glass is not only easy to clean but also an ideal material for a healthcare facility especially as it allows frequent cleaning of the surfaces. Moreover, it is compatible with most leading disinfectants to give clean, hygienic surfaces. 

How can Glass contribute to Hygiene in a Healing Space?

Typically, dust accumulates in uneven surfaces and grooves. But glass when used for interior claddings, provides an even surface. Saint-Gobain's Inspire range of interior glass comes with a seamless surface that ensures reduced possibility of dust accumulation. Dust and grime also tend to accumulate on blinds installed for glare protection. But with the use of Sage Electrochrome Glass, the dual purpose is solved: the use of blinds can be done away with even while ensuring protection from glare, not to mention the ease with which it can be cleaned. This is because it is a dynamically tinting glass which can control glare by changing the visual transmission of the glass in four different tints. By offering visual delight, occupant comfort and hygiene, Sage Electrochrome Glass is the new-age glass perfectly suited for the healing space. 

Yes, no doubt, hygiene is integral to a healthcare facility. But it is time to look beyond the chemistry of disinfectants, and perhaps look at the physics of glass. Because, installing the right glass can clearly pave a better path towards hygiene in the healing space.



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