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The Horizon Story



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Sometimes, serendipity, and not strategy, sets the ball rolling in developing a product...

It was one of those days when a meeting with the Marketing and Innovation teams of Saint-Gobain got extended beyond working hours. The Innovation Manager was seated in his favorite part of the fully glazed conference room- next to the glass façade, that allowed him to gaze (even if momentarily!) at the spectacular view of Chennai. Post the discussions on new product development with the research team, he left for home. He was lucky that his wife, being in a good mood, did not remind him that he was late, as it happens more often than not! As he sat down to have dinner with her, she started talking about the approaching monsoon. He tried looking outside the window to see if it was raining already but realized that all he could see in the glass was only his own face! That reflection on the glass instantly reminded him of the clear view of Chennai he had seen the very same day in office. The stark difference made it evident to him that it was the internal reflection that obstructed the view through glass at night.

The importance of internal reflection of glass in allowing a person to view from the inside to the outside of a building at night was not new, but this was an occasion where he was facing the difficulty himself. We install large panels of glass, curtain glazing and high-performance windows to enjoy the refreshing views of the outdoors but with high lighting levels inside buildings at night and high internal reflections of glass, this pleasure becomes hard to find, especially at home where we spend the maximum time during evenings. This real issue was the primary reason we decided to get our researchers, innovators and scientists of SGRI going, to develop a product with the lowest possible internal reflections. And thus SGG Horizon got to see the light of the day!


Why SGG Horizon in your building?

SGG Horizon comes with extremely Low Internal Reflection, Advanced Solar Protection and High Visual Light Transmission. So now you can gaze endlessly at those magnificent vistas any time of the day, or night. SGG Horizon is available in standard sizes of 5, 6 and 8 mm thicknesses; it can also be customized to 10 and 12 mm thicknesses for large-sized units, so your room with a view truly has one and you get to live life, king-size!

SGG Horizon for Homes

The importance of outdoor views in homes makes SGG Horizon the ideal choice for Residential Buildings. Since it can be used in single glazing, SGG Horizon is just perfect for installation in windows. Being a high-performance product with low Solar Factor and U-Value, it will give your home the energy-efficiency you expect from a cutting-edge glass from Saint-Gobain. The colour palette with pleasant and soothing shades of blue, green, bronze and clear, makes it the ideal choice to complement the various hues of your home.

Applications of SGG Horizon

SGG Horizon is well-suited for windows, facades and skylights in both the residential and commercial building space. It delivers the highest standards of performance and is easy on the pocket as well. As a sustainable product, SGG Horizon meets the benchmarks of environmental protection and energy savings, thereby aligning with your wellbeing in the most holistic way.

Product Specification

An innovative product that is perfect for your living and working space, is no longer on the distant horizon! SGG Horizon is now right within your reach. Download the link for Product Brochure and get to know more about The Horizon Story



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