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Solar-control glass for hospitals



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What makes a hospital green?

Modern day establishments, like hospitals, are slowly beginning to shift to environmentally sustainable materials to counteract the impact on the environment brought on by advancements in technology, manufacturing and production.

A green hospital is one that employs alternate solutions to heating, ventilation, and cooling to achieve energy-efficiency. The materials used in the construction of such a hospital are recycled, recyclable, or architectural salvage that contain few or no toxic substances. A green hospital is also well ventilated and easy to clean and maintain.

Besides the above criteria, there are certain specific factors that contribute to making a hospital green:

  • Ample natural light between 500 to 1000 Lux for visual comfort
  • Optimization of energy performance for all-day-comfort, across all seasons
  • Insulation against external noise to maintain a peaceful, calm environment inside
  • Generous view of the outdoor so patients do not feel claustrophobic or fall prey to depression
  • Usage of non-toxic materials with low Volatile Organic Content (VOC) for a cleaner indoor environment

Many of these green criteria can be met by simply installing energy-efficient solar-control glass in hospitals.

How does solar-control glass help a hospital become green?

  • It allows optimum light transmission that not only increases the patient’s visual comfort but also increases vitamin D levels, alleviates depression, and decreases anxiety
  • By letting in abundant sunlight, solar-control glass extensively reduces the need for artificial lighting and lighting costs, thus making the hospital energy-efficient
  • It provides patients with an adequate view of the outdoors, thereby minimizing the feeling of claustrophobia and soothing the mind
  • It shields patients from external noise, adding to their comfort
  • It is non-toxic and easy to clean and maintain, ensuring round-the-clock hygiene
  • It also minimizes harmful UV radiation from the sun

Ideal specification for green hospitals

Performance   Ideal Specification
Light Transmission   20% - 30%
Solar Factor / SHGC   0.2 - 0.25
U-value   < 2 Wsqm/K
Acoustic Comfort Traffic 40-45 db reduction
Non-Traffic 30-40 db reduction

Technical specification

Solar-control glass from the fourth-generation coating technology series has a magnetron sputtering low-e single silver layer, which possesses the following properties:

  • Optimum light transmission with controlled light distribution
  • Building envelope energy-efficiency
  • Indoor occupancy comfort
  • Low glare
  • Comfort
  • Indoor environmental quality
  • Cleanliness and maintenance
  • Energy-efficiency

Recommended product range:

All the variants of Nano (KT series) and Evo (ET series) are ideal choices for green hospitals.

Take a look at the way glass has been used to meet modern standards in hospital architecture.


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