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SGG Nano Silver+




Style The Sleek Look

As gadgets become smarter and smart phones become man’s best friend, there is a clear choice we have in appearance - the sleek look. So, why should slick, sleek and smart be adjectives associated with just gadgets? With SGG Nano Silver+, Saint-Gobain Infinity launches a glass with a unique silvery finish that will lend the sleek and sophisticated style to your building. Designed for high external reflection, SGG Nano Silver+ adds vibrancy to the façade and its silver-like appearance ups the glamour quotient several notches.

Steers away heat

SGG Nano Silver+ comes with superior solar control and thermal insulation properties. This ensures heat control even in countries with the harshest climatic conditions in a way that no other glass in its class can withstand. So the hot desert outside could be melting away every possible thing but you can rest assured - the solar control of SGG Nano Silver+ will make sure that you can relax in your comfortable interiors and enjoy the exquisite views of the desert sands.


Ensures Unhindered Views

SGG Nano Silver+ is available in Jumbo sizes, enabling facades with large panes so the magnificent views outside can be brought inside seamlessly.

Cutting-edge Technology

This product range is manufactured by the Magnetron Sputtering technology in plasma conditions. Its functional layer of silver imparts the property of low emissivity, a basic need for excellent thermal insulation.


  • Platina (KS II 130)
  • Zenith (KS II 430)
  • Sky (KS II 730)


SGG Nano Silver+ comes with a unique metallic silver finish which provides high external reflection. The silver-like appearance adds vibrancy to the façade and complements your dynamic design intent. Besides enhancing the aesthetics, it also ensures privacy for the occupants. Designed for optimum light transmission, the glass lets in natural light into the interiors, ensuring that the dependency on artificial lighting is reduced and electrical costs are minimized.


Nano Silver+ has to be tempered or heat strengthened before assembling into an IGU. For tropical climatic conditions, it is recommended to position the coated side as Face 2 in the IGU.

The product is flexible for use in facades, structural glazing, windows and skylights.

Product Performance




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