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Sustainable green design

From the pyramids in Egypt to the Pantheon in Rome, architecture has evolved over the centuries. Back then and now, the façade has always played a crucial role in defining the unique architectural aesthetics of a building. Today, these façades are no longer mere walls. But rather, display slopes, curves, or straight lines made from glass. With modernity on the rise, glass seems to have become the material of choice for architects and designers alike.

However, improper or inefficient use of glass may result in unwarranted heat gain entering the building. Therefore, choosing the right energy-efficient glazing solution is critical – one that is climate-responsive; energy-efficient; provides enhanced visual, thermal, and acoustic comfort for occupants; results in low-maintenance; and reduces high energy bills while ensuring safety and security.

And Saint-Gobain Glass India’s expert design team can help you do just that.

What is a design report?

Based on the elevation and plan CAD drawings of your building, our expert design engineers, who are experienced in working on LEED and GRIHA projects, will prepare a sustainable design report and send it to you, absolutely free of cost. The report covers comprehensive analyses that will help you choose the right glass solution for your building.


With experience in working on LEED and GRIHA projects across India, our design engineers are well equipped to help you achieve the energy goals of a sustainable green building.

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