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Maloo - Indore



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Name of the architect: Space Forum Architects Pvt. Ltd., Indore

Project address and location:  Maloo - 01, Plot No 26, Scheme No 94 C, Ring Road, Near Hotel Radisson, Indore - 452 010

Design Intent

The aim of the design was to create a multi-level air and envelope that would fulfill all parameters and eventually become a role model for the future. It also needed a harmonious blend of openings and efficient design to evoke interest and confidence. To achieve this, the green building concept was adopted.

Usually, mid-rise office buildings are designed in such a way that they neglect basic parameters such as heat gain and heavy loss of energy, resulting in high consumption of energy and an uncomfortable indoor environment. A prestudy of all these parameters helped us work out an energy-efficient solution for this project.

Building Structure

The main frame of the structure is composed of RCC with infill open bhatta red brick walls for the exterior façade and fly ash brick (FAB) walls for indoor partitions. The external plaster is a combination of sandface and roughcast, while the internal plaster is made of sandface. The proportion of glazing to solid mass is approximately (on South-facing and West-facing sides) 40:60, while that on the North-facing side is much more (to use the North light). Double-glazed units have been used on the South-facing and West-facing sides and single glazing on the North-facing and East-facing sides.

Versatility with Glass

Glass is a versatile material and can be used in any shape required. Its transparent and reflective character is a contrast to the dense solid surface of the envelope. In this project, glass has been used in rectangular shapes and the smoothness of its appearance made to match the visual lines of the building.

Glass Façade

A large sheet of glass has been used for the façade on the North-facing side, while the other 3 sides have 2.4 m. – 3.0 m. wide vertical strips, running across 4 floors. The building features a double-height ground floor (5.90 m. / 19 ft.) with a glass façade fixed with spider and fins. The upper floors, on the other hand, are designed using curtain walls.

Sky Lights

There are no sky lights in the building.

Role of Glass

The North-facing and East-facing sides consist of single glazing, while the South and West have double glazing to obstruct unwarranted heat from entering the building. The double-glazed unit is made up of outer-film coated and heat-toughened glass separated by a spacer. A vacuum is created to act as an insulation to radiation, reflecting sunlight and heat back into the atmosphere. The result is two-fold: the building interiors remain cool and comfortable for occupants, while energy consumption decreases, resulting in overall savings.

Key Green Features

  • Fifth-generation SKN 154 solar and thermal insulation glasses help control UV radiation, solar heat, and at the same time, ensure maximum natural daylight
  • The building exterior is been painted with Jotun’s Jota shield with heat-reflecting properties
  • An excellent rainwater harvesting system has been installed
  • S.T.P. has been installed
  • Low-pressure plumbing fittings have been used
  • VRF air-conditioning system has been installed
  • Smart VFD elevators have been installed
  • LED lights have been used
  • Motion sensors have been installed in all common areas and lobbies

Awards and Recognition

  • IGBC Green Gold certification
  • CRISIL 5 star certification
  • Jal Santhosh Rainwater Harvesting System certification

Architect’s Quote

“It was indeed a great challenge to design a green building, Indore first design CRISIL approved. Main challenges ranged from selecting the envelope for the building to efficient planning of services taking all energy losses into consideration. To start with many options were explored before a model finally revealed any efficient design. The team worked efficiently to solve all the small problems, which cropped up from time to time. Glazing needed a lot of planning and detailing before the execution took up at the site. It was due to glazing the building become live again and stands gracefully.”




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