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GYS Vision - Gurgaon



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Design Intent

To reinterpret the design of a typical Indian office by providing an alternative – one that interweaves open social spaces with modern workspaces. The commercial development projects comprised three high-rise corporate office towers in Gurgaon, one of the prime suburbs of New Delhi. As Gurgaon is a hub of emerging urbanism in India, the design intervention sought to move the built form away from typical office typology, integrate the towers seamlessly with the landscape, and keep inhabitants connected to the life activities happening at ground level.

Building Structure

The design intent was achieved by stacking the office module vertically, thereby freeing up the ground for non-functional, recreational spaces (both formal and informal). The new topography encourages users to engage with the environment. 

Glass Façade

The approach to façade design played an important role in the creation of built volumes. For example, the façade strategy for the identical towers focused on reducing the solar gain while providing maximum views from the office floors. To address the environmental issues that confront the contemporary office, orientation has been optimized. 
The system developed is orientation sensitive i.e. the west façade is designed to have a punched wall that blocks out the harsh sun. The South façade is shaded by means of horizontal louvers that are continued onto the east façade. The north façade uses the louvers as an elevational element only. The core is wrapped with a mesh that allows for the provision of multiple openings in the services area, thus maximizing daylight.  

Role of Glass

SGG Envision Magma i.e. SKN 154 was selected for this prestigious project as it performs extremely well and saves a lot of investment on HVAC.

Key Green Features

With a good light transmission i.e. 49%, the consumption of electricity to be used for lighting has been reduced a lot. With very low U-value i.e. 1.5 W/sqm.K the glass provides a naturally cooling environment inside the building. 


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