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Cherry County - Noida



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Design Intent

The building’s design and orientation were influenced by the need for sustainability – to let in ample daylight and allow natural ventilation.

Building Structure

The design intent was achieved by using the following building material: XPX roof insulation, steel, PPC cement, high-performance glass, tiles etc.

Versatility with Glass

Saint-Gobain Antelio Plus Emerald Glaze i.e. ST 467 (5 mm, VLT – 56, SHGC – 0.5) was selected for this project as it allows higher light transmission, very low reflection, and significantly cuts down solar heat gain. 

Role of Glass

With a Visible Light Transmission (VLT) of 56% and a Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) of 0.5, Saint-Gobain ST 467 played a key role in meeting the mandatory requirements of IGBC green homes. It created a cool and comfortable environment for occupants, allowing ample daylight into the building while deflecting unwanted solar heat.

Key Green Features

With an SHGC value of 0.5, the glass used enabled the building to achieve the minimum required points and meet all the mandatory requirements of an IGBC certified green home. Other green elements that characterize the project include: Fly ash blocks, high-performance glass, XPS roof insulation, high SRI roof tiles, solar water heater, FSC certified wood, low VOC paints etc.

Awards and Recognition

The project has been pre-certified for IGBC Green Homes Gold certification and is currently awaiting confirmation.



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