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Bank of India - Goa



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As you enter the Bank of India building, leaving the chaotic business center of Panaji, Goa, behind, there is a sense of entering a different world altogether. A world of eco-friendly lights and air-conditioning, intelligent glazing, modern capsule lifts, and indoor fountains. The building bears testimony to futuristic, sustainable architecture. It portrays an image of a very different Goa. A Goa that is rapidly transforming and becoming an integral part of the modern evolving landscape that is India

Design Intent

The Bank of India building was designed to be a multi-facility usage. It aimed at creating a commercial, residential and recreational space, all rolled into one. By giving varied elevations on all sides, the design intended to make it stand out from the surrounding buildings even when viewed from a distance. To add to the visual aesthetics, the building was also to have a huge glass canopy on the front side.

Role of Glass

The building needed a solution that provided it maximum amount of energy efficiency and help in cutting down the running cost. The architect also wanted to use a soothing color for the façades.

The architect zeroed in on Nano Misty Blue, as this glass fitted the requirements exactly. Nano misty blue provided high energy efficiency, scored high on the aesthetic front as well.

Saint-Gobain Glass India also provided quality assurance in the DGU, through Solution Sales.

Other Green Features

Some of the other prominent features that make Bank of India an example of sustainable architecture, include

Capsule lifts, accentuated with a central running fountain, LED lights forming the focal point

Solar panels installed on the terrace for a large portion of its power generation, making it more eco-friendly

A state of the art security system, a beautiful atrium with glass capsule lifts and a high net value department for overseas customers, which is surrounded on two sides by glass

Eco - friendly LED lights on the exterior, which, while consuming minimal power make the building appear beautiful when viewed from afar

The Bank of India building exemplifies sustainable architecture with a prudent use of glass and other green building elements, making the structure one of the most distinguished ones across the scenic landscape of Panaji.

Architect Uday Dipak Master




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