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Ajmera Summit - Mumbai



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Ajmera Summit is a commercial complex in Mumbai, with environmentally sustainable office spaces. It is located on CST Road, Kalina, Santa Cruz(East) on the outskirts of Bandra Kurla Complex. Developed by the Ajmera Group, the project has extensively used Saint-Gobain's glazing solutions for eco-friendly commercial spaces.

Design Intent

The client's brief was to create an eco-friendly building with passive environmental strategies. A view of the Bandra Kurla complex, lying to the South and the South-East, was considered an essential prerequisite. Hence, glazing solutions for eco-friendly commercial spaces were integral to the design.

Building Structure

As with any such project executed on a relatively small plot of land, the architectural team faced a number of challenges. These included providing multi-level parking without a ramp, construction of an electrical substation, providing a frontage and a view towards the South and South East with design elements which would cut down any form of heat gain.

Architectural solutions were devised after taking these problems into consideration and the decision was taken to utilize a glass façade on the South-Eastern side. On the Southern side, a combination of glass, aluminum louvers and dry cladding of Feviton tiles was used to provide the occupants with a view of Mumbai’s bustling Bandra Kurla Complex while eliminating problems arising from heat gain. The glazing solutions for eco-friendly commercial spaces were instrumental in providing ample daylight and ensuring thermal insulation at the same time.

The car parking was accommodated in the basement as well as on the first two floors. Two car lifts were provided for easy manoeuvring of cars into parking spaces. The entire structure was made up of a broad base, upon which the rest of the building lies. For this, base dark brown Feviton tiles were used. Horizontal random slits (covered with glass) were provided, which act as a source of light for the parking area.

Role of Glass

Saint Gobain’s Evo suited the architectural requirements best as it allowed maximum daylight and an excellent outside view, while cutting down on any form of heat gain. The width to height ratio (in the region of 1:4) was effectively utilized in order to maximize architectural impact in terms of height of the building. This made the building look visually imposing (i.e. both tall and slender) without sacrificing any of its architectural integrity. The effect was further augmented by providing vertical aluminium elements.

The impression of a ‘box effect’ was avoided on the front corners by turning the glass façade on both sides and using horizontal aluminium members. These aluminium members also acted as mechanical clips which held the glass in place and presented a contrast.

Architect's Quote

Ar. Prashant Sutaria says “Our philosophy at the Centre For Living and Planning For Tomorrow is to create buildings which not only embody our work ethos, but also contribute positively to the local community. Thus, Ajmera Summit was conceptualized with a view to satisfy both these criteria. It is our solemn hope that this project will live up to the high standards we strive to achieve.”




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