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About Glassisgreen

Glassisgreen is a Saint-Gobain initiative that aims to educate, inspire, and enable architects, builders, and energy consultants to go green with glass. This portal provides useful information on green buildings, green building norms, how to use glass for green buildings, and how to select glass for green buildings.

What is a green building?

Let’s start with the understanding that a built environment can have a profound impact, positive or negative, on nature as well as building occupants. A green building is a structure whose environmental responsibility and resource efficiency spans its entire lifecycle. It enables the efficient use of resources, improves human productivity, reduces waste and pollution, and prevents environment degradation.

Why green buildings?

An extensive amount of energy is consumed to heat and power buildings. This energy is mainly generated from burning fossil fuels like oil, coal, and natural gases that emit Carbon Dioxide (CO2), the most widespread greenhouse gas (GHG). There are also other ways in which buildings emit GHGs, like construction debris in landfills and the manufacturing process for building materials.

In India, the construction sector is growing at a rate of 9%, causing a rapid rise in energy demand in urban areas where buildings alone contribute about 40% of the total GHG emissions. Therefore, it is critical to contain the energy used and heat-trapping emissions produced by buildings to arrest global climate change.

Green buildings address the above concerns by effectively reducing carbon footprints, saving energy by 40%, and bringing about a healthy balance in the environment.

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