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About Us is a go-to portal for understanding glass and choosing right glazing for your building. An initiative by Saint-Gobain, it is dedicated to throw light on how to build green and how to use glass to architect a greener future for our buildings.

Towards a greener Eco-system seeks to serve the entire eco-system of architects, builders, interior designers, organizations and individuals who are looking to make an eco-friendly difference through their buildings.

Why Glass is Green

Green buildings are known to effectively reduce the carbon footprint and save energy. They enable the judicious use of resources and improve human productivity. As a transparent, recyclable and energy-efficient building material, glass is an important component that makes a building green. In modern buildings, glass is the primary source of daylight and connection to the outdoors that impact the well-beings of occupants.

With every green building, we are one step closer to a greener planet, one that will benefit not just us, but also the generations to come.


Why is a comprehensive guide for the what, why, how, when and where of glass as a green a material. is an articles, web tools and knowledge resources hub covering Green Ratings, Green Projects Showcase, Greenovators and Glass Selection Tools. There is a Blog section where Saint-Gobain shares content on current topics related to Sustainable Habitat, Well-being in living Spaces and Green Solutions specific to building segment.

Come, explore the many shades of glass and discover how you can use it to build green.


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