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  • Structural Glazing

    Glass acting as a structural support to other parts of the building structure, for example glass fins. It can also refer to glass that is fixed by means of bolted connectors where the glass is not acting as a structural element.

  • Self-Cleaning / Self-Cleaning Glass

    Glass with a photocatalytic and hydrophilic coating. The coating harnesses the dual-action of UV light and rain (or water) to break down organic dirt and reduce the adherence of mineral material. The glass stays cleaner for longer and is easier to clean.

  • Safety Glass

    Glass which must have passed an impact test (BS 6206:1981) and either must not break or must break safely.

  • Safety Critical Locations

    Identified by BS 6262 part 4 and defined as glazed sections of a door, wall or other part of a building most likely to be subject to accidental human impact.

  • Solar Heat Gain

    Solar radiant heat, transmitted or re-emitted by glazing into a building, contributing to the build-up of heat.

  • Safety Glass

    Glass which does not disintegrate into sharp and potentially dangerous splinters when broken. May be produced by laminating or tempering.

  • Sheet Glass

    A transparent flat glass with apparent glossy, fine finish but with waviness of surface.

  • Skylight

    A fenestration surface that has a slope less than 60 degrees from the horizontal plane.

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