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  • Energy Balance

    The difference between the amount of heat gain and heat loss through glazing. Also known as the "Effective U-Value".

  • Emissivity

    Emissivity is a surface characteristic of a material. It is the relative ability of a surface to absorb and emit energy in the form of radiation. Low-emissivity (Low E) coatings reduce the surface emissivity of the glass. The coatings are mainly transparent over the visible wave.

  • Energy Absorptance (A)

    The percentage of solar radiant heat energy absorbed and re-emitted externally and internally by the glass.

  • Energy Reflectance (RE)

    The percentage of solar radiant heat energy reflected by glazing.

  • Energy Transmittance (T)

    Percentage of solar energy flow transmitted directly through the glass.

  • Enameled Glass

    Opaque glass colors, which are actually glass powders, that are melted onto a glass surface.

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