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Sandeep M. Yardi

Sandeep M. Yardi is a reputed name in the field of architecture with 27 years of experience in bringing building designs to life. His numerous projects include campuses, industrial buildings and housing, and hospitals. Currently, he is one of the Directors of Space Forum Architects Pvt. Ltd., a dedicated forum for architects, engineers and professionals handling projects of all sizes, in housing, urban design, public, semi-public, and institutional fields. Ever since its inception in 1987, the team at Space Forum Architects has designed and successfully completed several prestigious projects in Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and other parts of India. Space and place have never bothered Sandeep M. Yardi or his team. They have always met clients’ expectations.

Role of Sandeep M. Yardi in the Indian Green Building Movement 

Space Forum Architects Pvt. Ltd., is founded on strong principles that have been upheld ever since it came into being in 1987. Sandeep M. Yardi and his team vehemently support the ‘green’ cause, and their projects are some of the best examples of eco-friendly spaces. 

In 2000, they earned accolades for designing the Sanghi Brothers Indore Ltd. outlet. Some of the other green projects that are worth noting include institutional campuses in Aurangabad and Navi Mumbai.

At the moment, there are two projects in the pipeline - developing 120 acres of Nanotechnology institutional area and 56 acres of Biotechnology institutional area.

Pet Projects 

NRK Business Park Indore, Maloo-01

Sandeep M. Yardi’s marquee project is Maloo-01, the first green commercial high-rise in Madhya Pradesh. Today, this building is an exemplar of sustainable innovation and is an inspiration to green building practitioners and developers in the state.

The main highlight of this project is the use of distinctive double-glass units that enclose the entire building exterior. This accounts for the cool environment in the business park. Apart from this, the project features water recycling systems and energy-efficient electrical systems too. 

Key green features:

  • Fifth-generation SKN 154 solar and thermal insulation glasses help control UV radiation, solar heat, and at the same time, ensure maximum natural daylight
  • An excellent rainwater harvesting system has been installed
  • S.T.P. has been installed
  • Low-pressure plumbing fittings have been installed
  • VRF air-conditioning system has been installed
  • Smart VFD elevators have been installed
  • LED lights have been used
  • Motion sensors have been installed in all common areas and lobbies

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