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Jaya Jirapure

With a wealth of experience in master planning and architecture under her belt, Jaya Jirapure dreams of building a new India. Throughout her career, she has been associated with designing and building a number of commercial, residential, hospitality, retail, and entertainment projects. Her construction techniques have not restricted her to just India, but has also taken her to the land of the Sheikhs, Dubai.  

Before joining Nostri Architects in Delhi, Jaya Jirapure has worked with prominent architectural practices like Atkins and Arif & Bintoak in Dubai.

Role of Jaya Jirapure in the Indian Green Building Movement

Jaya Jirapure believes that architecture is not just about buildings; architecture is what people build, live and breathe. 

She always tries to strike a balance between aesthetics and function. While she has a clear preference for glass, she dislikes high glare in glass and avoids it in her designs.  

Pet Projects 

One of Jaya Jirapure’s marquee projects is Wave One in Sector 18 of Noida, a remarkable structure of 41 storeys that covers more than 2 million sq ft of built-up area. The iconic structure was conceptualized, designed and implemented by Nostri Architects under Jaya’s supervision. While planning the project, she placed great importance on incorporating the principles of Vaastu and Feng Shui. 

Jaya Jirapure’s other notable projects include the Wave City Centre and the Corporate Office Dubai. 

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