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Deepa Sathiaram

Deepa is the Founding Director of En3, a specialized sustainability and energy-efficiency consulting firm. She provides expert guidance in technical concepts and analysis for her firm's major consulting assignments, and is working with international code bodies to develop green codes, standards and practices. Deepa has played a crucial role as a green consultant in leading international green buildings, HVAC, and building systems projects for global corporations including The World Bank, The International Finance Corporation, and public benefit authorities like the International Code Council (ICC), USA. She has worked with a diverse set of projects in the commercial, private and governmental sectors. She has actively spearheaded India's green building movement in the last decade, propagating sustainability in the built environment. Her tireless professional and community service clearly demonstrates her commitment to promote sustainability and green education and helps instill environmental responsibility among the future generations of India.

Her role in the Indian green building movement

Deepa is a Founding Member of Indian Green Building Council. She is also the former president of ASHRAE  South India Chapter and was the first woman to hold the office. She is a technical member of the USGBC Committee for development of LEED International ACPs. She is also a member of the technical working panel on inclusion of the chapter on sustainability for the National Building Code of India.

She is noted for her leadership in energy-efficiency and sustainable environmental design. She is an active member of the Technical Working Group on Green Buildings of the Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) department of the ports, customs and free zone authority jurisdiction in the Emirate of Dubai.

Awards and recognitions

Deepa was featured as one of  India's Top 15 Nature's Keepers' in the special edition of Architect and Interiors Magazine India in 2011. She was also featured in the  ab 50 list India's 50 most prominent building professionals in India by Architects and Interiors Magazine India and received the outstanding Green Building Consultant Award from Rotary Club of Madras Southwest during the same year.

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