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Bimal Kachroo

Bimal Kachroo is an architect, civil engineer, town planner, and urban management specialist. He is widely acclaimed as a non-conventional designer who advocates green architecture and planning through his designs. As an urban management specialist, he applies his expertise to urban land use planning; large-scale industrial planning and design; housing; slums; water; waste and infrastructure management. He also works closely with urban and municipal bodies, developing reforms, restructuring and formulating policies and strategies, and much more.

In 1998, he founded Holistics Urban Innovations Pvt Ltd. (HUIPL) to further his vision of building iconic structures that are inspired by high-end sustainable bioclimatic architecture.

Awards and recognition

Throughout his career, Bimal has won numerous accolades for his bold contributions to the field of sustainable architecture. He was honoured by Indian Institute Metals (IIM) with an award for his role in designing Dhatu Bhawan in Durgapur. He has also received much praise and recognition for his signature project the Corenthum, which is regarded as the best convention center in NCR.

Pet project

The Corenthum, Sec 62, Noida, is a signature project that Bimal and his firm designed and developed. A juxtaposition of traditional vastu concepts and modern design, the office complex offers employees exclusive facilities such as a rooftop helipad and a mini golf course.

His role in the Indian green building movement

Since the beginning of his career, Bimal has been an active member of the Indian green building movement. His team at HUIPL also strongly believe in propagating sustainable environmental design. Together, they cater to a wide range of services that include building residential communities, stadiums, commercial buildings, schools, hospitals based on the principles of green bionic architecture.

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