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Green design for office spaces



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Green design for office spaces


The office space is undergoing a sea change today with the thrust being on using environmentally sustainable materials more than ever before. A green office is the result of a judicious mix of several eco-friendly parameters where glass making a significant contribution. Energy-efficient glass amply meets several criteria demanded by a green design for office spaces.

How glass meets office space requirements

Typically, offices have the following requirements that are best met by glass, thus ensuring a green office:

  • Glass ensures optimum light transmission with controlled light distribution. Wider and deeper spaces in offices require controlled light distribution, and this is made possible through larger openings of an apt glass solution.
  • Because of high occupancy, usage, and incessant operational hours in offices, there is an urgent need to rein in energy costs. This factor is well ensured by glass.
  • On an average, a person spends 8 hours in the office. Hence indoor occupancy comfort is of prime importance. Glass helps maintain low glare, thereby delivering a pleasant working environment.

How to go green with glass for office spaces

  • To reduce the running costs of an office complex, selectivity is crucial. Hence, strike a balance between solar factor and light transmission
  • To ensure controlled light distribution, choose glass with an optimum light transmission index
  • Glass with low reflection helps cut glare, which is a prerequisite for a perfect green office setting
  • It is a proven fact that an abundant view of the outdoorscan help increase employee productivity

Ideal specification for a green office

Performance Ideal Specification
Light Transmission 20% - 30%
Solar Factor / SHGC 0.2 - 0.25
U-value less than 2 Wsqm/k for 24X7 operations
Daylight Factor 2% - 3%

Technical specification

Fourth-generation glass is the ideal glass for a green office. Fourth-generation single silver-layer coating process ensures optimum Visible Light Transmission index and efficient SHGC. The coating imparts optimum light transmission index, which helps cut out excess light, maintain the daylight factor at its minimum, and contributes towards reducing glare.

Fourth-generation glass includes Nano, Planitherm, and Nanosilver. These are advanced solar-control glass with little internal reflection and optimum light transmission that contribute towards green design for office spaces.


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