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Green architecture in hotels



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What makes a hospital green?

Hotels are the cornerstone of the hospitality sector. Their foremost priority is to provide guests with a pleasant, comfortable experience – ensure extensive natural light, insulation against external noise, and a clean ambience around the clock. To ensure this, they need to optimize energy consumption and reduce the cost of utility bills.

For these reasons, hotels are increasingly adopting green architecture.

A hotel can take advantage of different kinds of glass solutions to meet the standards of green architecture:

  • Solar-control glass helps reduce heat from the outside in all seasons and save on air-conditioning costs
  • Solar-control glass allows abundant natural light to enter, thus reducing the need for artificial lighting and lighting costs
  • There are different types of glass available for different applications. For instance, glass for the lobby area can be differently designed from the glass in guest rooms to meet different lighting and heating requirements
  • Acoustic-laminated panels help control noise levels and ensure comfort for the guests
  • Larger fenestrations (openings in the building walls) like windows and glass doors provide guests a pleasant scenic view of the outdoors
  • Glass is non-toxic and low in VOCs, thereby decreasing chances of exposure to harmful materials
  • Cleaning glass does not take much effort and makes maintaining hygiene standards easy

Technical specification

High Spectral fifth-generation glass products are manufactured by a double silver-layered nanotechnology magnetron coating process and possess the following features:

  • Acoustic comfort
  • Indoor occupancy comfort
  • Low internal reflection
  • Daylighting
  • Cleanliness and maintenance
  • Energy efficiency
  • 24x7 sustainable performance

Ideal specification for green hotels

  Light Transmission Solar Factor U-Value Internal Reflection
Common Areas 40%-50% 0.2-0.25 Less than 2Wsqm/K Less than 20%
Guest Rooms ~20% 0.2-0.25 Less than 2Wsqm/K Less than 20%

Recommended product range:

All the products that belong to the SKN Envision series are ideal choices for green hotels.


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