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Gold for Glory



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In today’s architectural landscape of similar looking high-rise buildings and modern skyscrapers, have you faced a situation where you felt that it is difficult to make a building stand out? Do you think very few new buildings are so beautiful that simply looking at them would be a treat to the eye? Do you feel it is rare to get the combination of magnificent and contemporary in the way a building looks? If yes, then there is an answer to your questions now. It is said that Gold is where you find it and this time the finding itself is GOLD. Saint-Gobain launches SGG Midas Gold, a never-before-seen product in glass. With a color that stands for luxury, prestige and brilliance, SGG Midas Gold would illuminate any building and turn it into a timeless landmark - one that is striking enough to make on-lookers remember it.

Choose Gold, Choose Elegance

With a lustre that matches the brilliance of gold, this product will be the ideal complement to your dazzling design. Craft eye-catching buildings through SGG Midas Gold, which offers you the flexibility to be used as an SGU as well as a DGU. SGG Midas Gold is now available in Jumbo sizes, enabling facades with large panes so as to ensure that one does not miss out on the view.



Classical touch

SGG Midas Gold has a desirable golden shade that adds to the beauty of the building. Lend a classical touch to your buildings by draping them with a cloak of gold.

Advanced solar protection

SGG Midas Gold is conferred with advanced solar protection benefits, due to the thin film coating. This coating reduces the amount of heat that will enter the building.

Low internal reflection

SGG Midas Gold has low internal reflection, so that you can enjoy great views, when looking from the inside of the building to the outside.

Applications of SGG Midas Gold

SGG Midas Gold is ideally suited for green homes, and homes going in for high quality single glazing. It is perfect for buildings that demand high energy performance in single glazing and also buildings that need best-in-class performance at economical rates.
SGG Midas Gold can be used in facades, structural glazing, windows and skylights.

Product Specification 

Whatever you touch, will turn to gold...this is precisely how SGG Midas Gold is designed to function. How can you get the Midas Touch? To know more about this golden product,click on the download button.



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