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Glazing for educational institutions



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Educational institutions demand an environment that is conducive for learning and interacting. Therefore, the glazing solutions should be designed to deliver ample natural lighting and reduce the need for artificial lighting. Also, the ambience needs to be lively enough to inspire interaction at various levels.

How glazing meets the requisites of educational institutions

Across the board, educational institutions typically have a set of requirements that can be met by energy-efficient glazing:

  • Daylighting integration and anti-glare comfort

Since students spend an average of 6 hours in their classroom, it should be bright and lively enough to do away with the need for continuous use of artificial lighting. Also, libraries require ambient light of 500 Lux for visual and anti-glare comfort. 

  • Acoustic comfort

Auditoria and sporting facilities need acoustic comfort.

  • No-fatigue environment

Hostels require lively and safe conditions.

How to go green with glazing for educational institutions

When it comes to choosing glass, the right choice needs to be made on the basis of each application: 

  • Classroom
  • Library
  • Hostel
  • Indoor auditoria/sports complex

Since glass allows abundant natural light to enter, which creates the perfect ambient setting for a classroom and library, students’ fatigue is considerably reduced. Laminated acoustic glass panels help cut out unwanted external noise and keep the interiors calm and serene. Solar control, energy-efficient glass can help maintain ideal living conditions in hostels across seasons.

Ideal specifications for green educational institutions

  Light Transmission Solar Factor U-Value Acoustics
Classrooms 30% - 40% less than 0.35 NA NA
Library 30% - 40% 0.2 - 0.25 less than 2Wsqm/K 35 - 40 db reduction
Auditorium NA less than 0.25 less than 2Wsqm/K 45 - 50 db reduction
Hostel 20% - 30% less than 0.3 NA NA

Glazing combination for the desired acoustic comfort:

Library: Laminated DGU (65.4-12-6)
Auditorium: Double laminated DGU (65.4-12-86.2)

Technical specifications

Optimize energy performance by:


Using fifth-generation glass like SGG Envision, which has a high amount of spectral selectivity, allows a higher amount of daylight to enter buildings. Envision is also the perfect choice for glazing for educational institutions.

Read more about ISB Chandigarh, an educational institution that used the energy-efficient glass SGG Envision for its exterior glazing:

Glazing for ISB Chandigarh– SGG Envision



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