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Build Green to Go Green



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Every year, through the World Green Building Week, an initiative of the WorldGBC we celebrate Green Buildings and understand them better. This WGBW, we at Saint-Gobain with our deep rooted belief in sustainability and building green, take this opportunity to emphasize the importance of green buildings in the battle against Climate Change.The impact of buildings on the environment and on Climate change becomes apparent on considering  the amount of energy and resources our buildings consume.  Be it the cooling or heating of the spaces, artificial lighting or supply of water for various needs, basic operations require energy throughout a buillding's existence. As per the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, buildings account a third of global final energy use and about a fifth of all GHG emissions. In India also, the energy-use in buildings is about 40% of the total energy-consumption in the country. It is incontrovertible that the way in which buildings use all of this energy is inefficient. As much as this is a problem today, considering the current scenario of urbanization in India, this is also an opportunity.  There would be two basic ways in which energy-efficiency in our buildings could be improved- in the way they are designed and in the way they are run.  As 70% of the India of 2030 is yet to be built (according to a 2010 Mckinsey report), both of these are low hanging fruits for us in our battle against climate change.


As a Global Leader in Sustainable Habitat, Saint-Gobain offers a range of products and solutions that reduce energy consumption by virtue of their high performance and cutting-edge technology. Saint-Gobain's high selectivity Infinity glasses enable architects to design climate-responsive façades that minimize the heat penetration in a building while enhancing the natural day-light that enters. Dynamically tinted SAGE glass from Saint-Gobain is a revolutionary electrochromic glass that takes energy-efficiency in facades & day-lighting to the next level.  For a building to be energy-efficient, sustainability needs to be a part of it at the conceptual design stage. Saint-Gobain has pioneered in providing glazing products through BIM (Building Information Modelling), which is an advanced modelling tool that allows designers choose products by visualizing their impact on the building.


With simulation techniques that can help evaluate the energy impact, products that can significantly reduce the energy-footprint and automation & control systems to keep a check on consumption levels the building industry is ready take on the challenge of Climate Change by going Green. Click to know how Green Buildings benefit from these advances in technology.




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