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Do you want to eliminate clashes and errors from your building design and construction?

Do you want to simplify those multitudes of 2d drawings being made for your project?

Do you want to choose building materials based on their actual performance and appearance in your building?

Do you want better understanding and faster construction of your building?

Then you would want to choose BIM.

Building Information Modeling or BIM, as it is called, is essentially a process that involves the generation and management of digital representations of physical as well as functional characteristics of places. It is a process (and not a software), and a value creating collaboration that runs through the entire life-cycle of an asset, underpinned by the creation, collation and exchange of shared 3D models and intelligent, structured data attached to them.

To put it simply, BIM is the digital representation of the infrastructure with intelligent real time information of all its components, whether it is Architectural, MEP or Structural. What remains critical is the interoperability and integrated approach in design execution and maintenance.

Why BIM?

A single BIM makes it possible to extract hundreds of drawings; therefore, it substantially reduces time for making 2d drafts. Its high level of detailing ensures that errors are avoided. BIM allows for Parametric modeling whereby a change in plan will make the “Site engineers find 3d representations more informative than 2d Drawings. Interactive BIM Applications on Hand held devices are now available so that the Project team can get real time updates from the site, based on validating the actual site construction against the BIM model. In terms of Application, BIM is highly used for Clash Detection, Rendering, Tendering, BOQ Generation and sometimes Energy Simulation also.

BIM in the project life-cycle

Building Information Modeling

Saint-Gobain Glass Library BIM Plug-in

Staying true to our core philosophy of innovation, we have pioneered in launching our own BIM plug-in with Library of all our glazing products. Saint-Gobain Glass Library BIM Plug-in for Revit Architecture is an intuitive interface developed based on feedback from BIM users (practicing architects and consultants) to ease the modelling exercise.
The plug-in is hosted on the Autodesk APP STORE- the most widely used source for downloading Plug ins for Autodesk Applications .

Download link for Autodesk APP STORE:

Why Saint-Gobain Glass Library BIM Plug-in?

  • First-of-its-kind customizable Glass BIM plug-in for Autodesk Revit Architecture
  • Cloud based Plug-In interface that is flexible to unique product needs.
  • Timely updates when New Products are launched
  • Over 1300 options for Glazing solutions
  • Thickness Analysis done at the design stage in line with ASTM E 1300 and AS 1288
  • Budgetary Analysis and basic costing done at the design stage

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