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5 Reasons why Saint-Gobain Cool Vision is ideal for your retail outlet



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Today’s customers consume information by the millisecond. Retail outlets, especially, share a distinct connect with prospective consumers because these are places where you can provide a real-time experience of your product or/and service.

So, how can you make your potential customers the storytellers of your brand? How do you present yourself in the offline arena and grab eyeballs? Read on to find out the 5 reasons how Saint-Gobain Cool Vision can help you provide a memorable experience to your customers!

1. Make your product stand out

You wish that your product be the magnet that drives your probable customers to notice your outlet. Your product is the star that deserves its own narrative. Cool Vision has extremely high visual clarity that makes sure your product stands out and captures their attention.

2. Provide a tranquil space to your customers

Your customers are greeted by a space of tranquility, so they can delightfully enjoy the unparalleled ambience that you provide them. Traffic noise and external disturbances could forever be a thing of the past with Cool Vision.

3. Prove that visual delight is everything

The pristine view to the outside from your store will put your customers at ease, keeping them connected to the natural outside environment. You get to provide your customers with a view that sets the mood effortlessly. You can be rest assured that your customers would feel comfortable in a setting that provides them visual delight!

4. Protect your displays from fading

UV rays from the Sun cause the apparels in your boutique to fade, damage cushioning in furniture and are harmful to general health. Cool Vision has a nanotechnological coating on the glass, that blocks the UV light and confers you protection from the issues mentioned earlier.

5. Present a pleasant ambience 

Usher in thermal comfort for your spaces by providing an environment that is pleasant to your customers. Cool Vision lets in natural daylight and at the same time blocks the harmful heat, so you can ensure comfort to your customers.

Designed to meet your unique needs, Cool Vision by Saint-Gobain Infinity is exactly what you should be looking at! Be it your car showroom (or any showroom, for that matter), bookstore, restaurant, boutique, jewellery store or a café, Cool Vision clearly lets your product be the star it is!

Find more about Cool Vision here to get it installed for your retail outlet!




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