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Energy Conservation Building Code or ECBC of India has laid down norms for the technical specifications of glass, depending on the geographical location of the building and the glazing area.

Choosing your glass based on ECBC requirements

Step 1: Determine the Window Wall Ratio (WWR) for the building.

Step 2: Determine your climatic zone.

Step 3: Determine the performance values of the glazing like solar factor, U-Value & light transmission, prescriptive requirement specific to the climatic zones & Window Wall Ratio.

In case of external shadings used, determine the M-Factor for the trade-off of solar factor requirement in case of use of external shading device like overhangs, vertical fins protecting the fenestration. Adjust the SHGC based on the M-Factor.

What is Window Wall Ratio (WWR)?

How do I know which climatic zone I fall into?

I use external shadings. Do I still have to follow the SHGC requirements?


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